DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Fully Rely on God - conclusion

As Spencer finished telling the stories all the kids were really excited and Elsa was a lot less scared than she was before.

"You see," Spencer said, "God can help us if we pray and rely on Him."

Then the teacher asked, "Would you like to pray with us Spencer?"

"Sure," he replied, "Dear God, help us to fully rely on you.  I know that sometimes we're afraid but you're also there to help us when we need it.  Help us to work together to stop the older kids from being mean.  Oh, thank-you for good friends too.  Amen."

After that the bell rang and it was time for recess.  Elsa caught up to Spencer on the swings and told him that she would stay friends with him and that she would try to rely on God just like the guys in the bible stories did.

The next thing that happened was really neat.  The older kids came over to Spencer and said,

"Hey dummy, how's your scared girlfriend?"

Just before Spencer was going to answer, his whole class came running over to stand next to him and Elsa.  The older kids didn't know what to do with the whole class there that they ran off.

Instructions for the leaders:

Put the kids in their groups and allow them to draw/color/write (depending on age) what they learned from this week and/or what was their favorite story of the week using these pages below:

Frog Picture Book: title page and picture paper

Frog Shapes Book: title page and lined paper

That way the kids can show what they've learned by showing how the main character resolved their conflict/problem successfully by putting their faith in God.

Also allow for some time to answer questions and talk about how they can personally know God better.  Use the Becoming a Christian story to help explain how they can.


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