DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Treasure God's Love

Thanks to Katherine from Australia for sending her great ideas with us!

Using links from your site, we have some great pirate and treasure chest
colouring sheets. Some ideas we would like to share (this is for four
sessions of time with kids): 

Pirate hats: made from bright card, and decorated by the kids using your
salt-drip recipe.
Dancing to the Wiggles: Captain Feathersword. (The Wiggles are Aussies!)
Treasure play-dough: play-dough with glitter mixed into it
Pirate dress-ups followed by a treasure hunt: pearls (bubbles to chase),
jewels (shiny stickers), gold coins (bags of dried apricots) to dig for
(in a box of shredded paper).
A children's book of Matthew 13:44 to read together several times.
Treasure-pasting: pasting scraps of gold and silver wrapping paper,
ribbons etc onto dark cardboard.
Treasure chests: decorating boxes to take home all our treasures. Inside
the lid the message: Knowing Jesus is the best treasure.

What we aim to do is to move through the four sessions from the idea of
pirates (which kids know about), to the idea of looking for treasure, to
talking about treasure as being something special, to the final idea.