DLTK's Bible Activities for Kids
Treasure God's Love - conclusion

God sure does love us but do we love God the same way?  Is God's love like an amazing treasure we just found and are so excited to receive it?  It should be.

In a way we are all like pirates, we all want some kind of treasure or stuff.  What are some things you asked your parents for this week?  There are always new toys, new clothes, the latest thing that we want.  The neat thing about God's love is that we don't even have to ask for it, it's always there for us to accept.

If you think about the stories that you learned this week.  David and Daniel were like good pirates, both of them were loving God and doing their best to please him.  They obeyed and God helped them when they were in trouble and he will do the same for you.

If you want to be a good pirate here are some things you should know about them:

Pirates have what's called a code of conduct.  That means they have rules and certain ways they're supposed to behave.  We have a code of conduct too, the ten commandments and the Bible give us our rules.  We also have rules in church, at school and at home (we're pirates everywhere!)  We also mind our manners, are polite and treat others with respect which is our code of conduct.

Another thing about pirates is that they don't let anything stop them from getting their treasure.  They even hurt people sometimes to get it.  The neat thing is that we already have the treasure and we don't ever have to hurt anyone to get it.  God loves us so much that he came to earth as a baby and then later as a grown-up died for all our mistakes and came alive again three days later.  He loves us no matter what!

The third thing is that pirates have one goal, to find treasure.  Since our treasure is God and his love, our goal should be the best child of God we can be.  Talking/praying to God, listening to Bible stories, obeying parents and teachers, being kind to others and loving God are all ways we can please God.

Pirates always have a commander or someone who is in charge.  God is our main commander.  While we're still learning to read and understand things about God our parents are also our commanders.  They know what's best and can teach us about God (because God is their commander too).

Did you know pirates are like family to each other?  They're very close and trust one another just like a family.  Our family is the one we have at home but we also have another family, the church.  All the people that believe in God are our family too.  We are supposed to help each other and be able to ask them questions and get help from them when we need it.

The last thing about pirates is that they are punished when they do wrong and they were rewarded when they do good.  When we do something it's called sin.  We need to say sorry to God and the people we hurt when we sin and sometimes your parents will punish you.
When you're being good, do you get punished?  No.  We usually get rewards for being good and your parents and God see the good things you're doing and trust you more and treat you like you're a big kid when you do the right things and admit when you're wrong.

So, there's a bit about pirates and how you can be a good pirate everyday.  Remember that God's love is an amazing treasure.  Your leader or commander can tell you more about how to accept this great treasure today!

Allow for some time to answer questions and talk about how they can personally know God better.  Use the Becoming a Christian story to help explain how they can.

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