DLTK Bible Activities for Kids
VBS Daily Schedule

Keep in mind the age of the children, the moods of the children, the number of children and the child to adult ratio all change the time different activities take. Make sure to bring along extra coloring pages, active games and simple crafts to fill in space or be willing to skip something if you're running behind.

If possible keep the groups small throughout most of the activities.  Younger children work better in smaller groups.

Half Day Camp (for ages 3-5):

9:00 Children arrive - Hand out name tags or Newspaper Sailor Hats and Coloring (the theme for that day).

9:15 Singing and story time (large group)

9:30 Circle Time/Bible Reading (small groups)

10:00 Craft Time

10:30 Snack time

11:00 Outdoor Fun / Activity Centers

11:30 Pick up time

Full Day Camp (for ages 6-9):

9:00 Children arrive - Circle Time/Bible Reading

9:15 Singing and story time (large group)

9:30 Craft Time

10:30 Outdoor Fun - Active Game

11:30 lunch (bag lunch brought from home)

12:00 Singing and Circle Games

12:30 Circle Time - Bible Reading/Show and Tell

1:30 Craft Time 2

2:30 Snack Time

3:00 Outdoor Fun - Active Game 2

3:45 Circle Time - Closing Ceremony

4:00 Pick up time

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