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Make an African Mask/Shield

African mask

Behind the mask is a
3 yr old in a ballerina
outfit *grin*

Check out
Sherri's grandson's
in our
fan art section!

(Our finished mask was about 2 1/2 feet tall).  There are eye holes so the kids can see (they can only see through one hole at a time) and it's a perfect size for protecting your body from the razor sharp claws of Sera our housecat.  You can also Make a Spear (the tip is styrofoam!) for your mighty hunters.

This was a very exciting project for both of the girls.  Since my children are young (ages 3 and 7), I allowed them to freely create their own design for the mask (I don't think most African masks have big smiley mouths, but my 3 yr old insisted we make it look less scary).

If you are crafting with older children, have them examine some African masks on-line before they create their design.  One resource I found to do this was at http://cti.itc.virginia.edu/~bcr/African_Mask_Portraits.html.


Tasha's original design



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