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Tin Can Totem Pole CraftCoffee Can Totem Pole Craft

contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is a fun First Nations (Native American) themed craft for kids to make; they can show their creative side by decorating the totem pole however they want.

My oldest daughter, Tasha, recently moved to British Columbia for university (yikes, they grow up fast).  B.C.  Is quite famous for its Northwest Coast First Nations totem poles.  The figures on the poles represent the ancestry of the family that built it -- with each image usually having a story attached.  The poles are carved from red cedar in real life but we made ours with tin cans and cheerful paint colors.

You can also make this a colors project by using two primary colors and then mixing them together to make a secondary color.  We didn't do this, but if we had, the green can would have been orange.




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