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Diaper Cake Recipe

To make you will need:

Start by wrapping a diaper, opened lengthwise (but not with the tabs fanned out) around one of the baby bottles.  Wrap another diaper around and so on, securing with a rubber band whenever necessary.  When you have the desired width for the bottom layer, begin a new layer on top of it, making it slightly smaller than the bottom.  Do this again with the top two layers, wrapping around the 2nd bottle.  When finished it should look like a four tier wedding cake.  Wrap the receiving blankets around the bottom two layers and the cloth diapers or burp rags around the top two.  Secure again with a rubber band.  Use the ribbon to tie around each layer, hiding the rubber bands.  Stick the various baby items inside the ribbon to decorate.  Then, add a topper such as a small toy.  You may need more or less diapers depending on what size you want the cake.

Diaper Cake Poem 1

Here’s a cake for your special day,
Because the stork is on her way.
It’s filled with lots of things for you,
On the outside and inside, too.
Place them in your diaper bag,
So all the necessities you will have.
For the big day soon will come,
When you can show off your little one!


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