DLTK's Crafts for Kids

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
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  1. Blog post: "Setting Travel Expectations"
  2. Wolf Paper Plate Craft
  3. Hedgehogs or Porcupines Section
  4. International World Book Day (April 23)
  5. Planet Earth Paper Strip Craft
  6. Lemur, Panda, Sea turtle and Tiger holding the planet Earth
    (Earth Day coloring pages with animals on the endangered species list)
  7. Bird and Rainbow stained glass coloring page
  8. Learning to Fly (birds) coloring page
  9. Dove coloring pages
  10. First Nations art: Eagle
  11. Hammerhead shark coloring page
  12. Stork coloring page
  13. a few more Fire Fighter Coloring Pages
  14. Anzac Day (April 25th each year)
  15. Panda Activities (crafts and coloring)
  16. Easter Egg Patterning Craft
  17. Hamster Paper Plate Craft
  18. Huskies and Dog Sleds added to the Inuit coloring pages
  19. Dog Sled Paper Craft with Team of Huskies
  20. Lamb Circles (shapes) Paper Craft
  21. Math Word Problems - Inuit Theme   (grades 1 to 5)
  22. Hansel paper craft added to the Hansel and Gretel section
  23. Hansel toilet paper roll craft added to the Hansel and Gretel section
  24. Husky Paper Model