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  5. Great Barrier Reef Habitat Facts (on kidzone.ws)

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  8. Easter Bear TP Roll Craft
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  12. Arctic Tundra Habitat Facts (on kidzone.ws)
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  15. Shamrock-Shaped Emoji Paper Craft

  16. Lynx TP Roll Craft
  17. Wool Pompom Emojis
  18. Lynx Facts (on kidzone.ws)
  19. Word Ladders added to fairy tales:
  20. Valentine's Day Chibi Coloring Pages (coloring.ws):
  21. Heart-Shaped Emoji Valentine Paper Craft
  22. Blog Post: "The Perfect Valentine’s Day Breakfast"
  23. Caribou Facts (on kidzone.ws)
  24. Emoji Valentine's Day Card Holder
  25. Chinese New Year Crossword Puzzles