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  1. Holiday Themed Paper Plate Crafts:
  2. Snowglobe

  3. Snowman TP Roll Craft
  4. Inukshuk Paper Craft
  5. Gingerbread Man TP Roll Craft
  6. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts added to fairy tales:
  7. Word Search added for the story Bremen Town Musicians
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  9. Tt is for Trump added to the US president tracer pages
  10. Tt Trump bingo dauber art (do-a-dot worksheets)
  11. Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll Craft
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  13. Crossword puzzles added to various fairy tales:
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  15. The Turkey is a Funny Bird poem with printable templates
  16. Paper Bag Polar Bear Puppet
  17. Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft
  18. Pumpkin Sock Craft
  19. Jigsaw word matching printables with Halloween vocabulary words
  20. more Halloween Word Wall Words
  21. Full Moon Nicknames and Dates
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  23. Blog Post: "Random Thought: Many years later and she still loves paper plates..."

  24. Printable whale activities on Kidzone.ws:
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