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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
25 Newest Projects on DLTK's Websites


  1. Grandma Paper Craft

  2. Dandelion Seed Paper Craft

  3. more Jigsaw Word Matching Worksheets (vocabulary practice):

  4. more Bible coloring pages:  Armor of God Coloring Pages (no text)

  5. more Bible coloring pages:  Abraham Coloring Pages

  6. Platypus Coloring Page

  7. Colombia Section - lots of neat animals to study if you do a teaching unit on Columbia, South America.

  8. more Jigsaw Word Matching Worksheets (vocabulary practice):

  9. more precursive and standard font tracer pages to go with the story of Hannah from 1 Samuel Chapters 1 and 3.

  10. Fairy Tale:  The Bremen Town Musicians

  11. Fairy Tale:  Hansel and Gretel


  12. Red, White and Blue Rocket (Fireworks) Craft

  13. American Fourth of July Scissor Skills Worksheets

  14. American Fourth of July Sentence Sequencing Cards

  15. American Fourth of July Vocabulary Word Lists

  16. Poetry by William Allingham (with printables):

  17. more William Allingham poems (no printables):

  18. DLTK-Poems by Theme:

    Poems about Death

    Poems about Fantasy

    Poems about Love

    Poems about War

    Poems for Children

  19. Apostle James Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  20. Children's Story:  The Emperor's New Clothes

  21. Celtic Activities for Kids

  22. Druid or Young Witch Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  23. Listen to the story of Thumbelina

  24. Icarus and Daedalus:

  25. Children's Story:  The Ugly Duckling

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