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Do you remember your son or daughters first book?  I am sure that you read it a hundred times.  I know that I did.

For Michael's mom and dad "first book" has a special meaning.  Do you have a budding young author who would love to see his or her name in print?  Then Mila's story might interest you...

"Can we write another story mommy?"

Mila Thomson

I am sitting on a chair, with some construction paper in my lap, and a red marker.  My 3 year old son is pacing in front of me, looking very serious and dictating a string of words.  After each sentence Michael leans over my shoulder to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes.  When the story is done he rejoices for just a moment and asks: “Can we write another story Mommy?”.  Days go by and my spot is often taken by Michael’s Dad or Grandma. Michael loves writing his stories with Grandma.

This 3 year old author is now 6.  He still loves writing stories.  He still enjoys pacing and dictating.  His spelling is so good that he often will catch my short hand mistakes and corrects them immediately.

When the story is done he asks: “Can we publish this story Mommy?”

Both my husband and I are excited beyond words to be able to provide this opportunity for Michael to have his favourite stories published.  A Canadian organization called Kids for Kids Books made the publication of Michael’s book possible.  They patiently worked with Michael to ensure that he fully satisfied with the stories that were published, because they understood Michael’s stories are written from his heart, about the world as he sees it.

We hope that you enjoy the stories as much as Michael enjoys writing them.


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