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Dora the Explorer Episodes:

I often tape episodes of the girls' favorite shows, label them and pull them out when doing a particular theme.  This is especially useful for birthday parties and may come in handy for teachers and daycare workers.  For example, if I'm having a fairy tale theme during the week, I might choose Episode #112 of Dora (a Little Red Ridinghood story) and show it.

I've added links to some of the sections on the site that I might use to go with the episodes.  They aren't Dora the Explorer crafts -- they're generic crafts that would go with the story.  For specific Dora the Explorer crafts, check out the Dora the Explorer Section of the site.

Episode #111:  Wizzle Wishes 

Dora and Boots meet a cute little Wizzle who lost his bag of wishes and can’t get home.  Our heroes set off in search of the lost wishes.  But their friends keep finding the wishes first, and their wishes get everyone into trouble.  Dora and Boots must overcome a giant sunflower in Isa’s garden, a storm of raining nuts in the Nutty Forest, and slippery slopes at the Wishing Well.
Suggestion:  Sunflower coloring page

Episode #112:  Grandma's House 

In this updated version of Little Red Riding Hood, Dora and Boots set off through the woods to deliver a basket of treats to Dora’s Abuela to help her get over her cold.  Dora’s mother warns her, “Watch out for that sneaky fox, Swiper.  He’ll try to swipe the basket of treats.” Dora also has to find a way over the Bumpy Bridge and across Turtle River.
Suggestion:  DLTK's Little Red Ridinghood section (various ages).

Episode #113:  Surprise

It’s Boots’ birthday!  Dora tells him that all his friends are waiting at her house to give Boots a big party.  To reach Dora’s house, they’ll have to climb a long flight of Stairs and cross the Troll Bridge.
Suggestion:  Birthday Bear coloring pages

Episode #114:  Sticky Tape 

Dora and Boots here someone yelling.  They look up to see Benny in a hot air balloon - with a big hole in it.  Dora and Boots run off after Benny, to get him some sticky tape.  They cross the River, go over the Rock, then get to Crocodile Lake to save Benny!
Suggestion:  Hot Air Balloon Craft   Age 3+

Episode #115:  Bouncing Ball 

Boots buys a super blue bouncy bouncy ball at the toy store, but it bounces off down the hill.  To catch the ball, Dora and Boots jump like frogs over the Mud, and solve a very bouncy riddle at the Troll Bridge, only to see Swiper the Fox toss the ball into the Volcano! When the Volcano blows sky high, Dora and Boots are in for a big surprise--and a very happy ending.
Suggestion:  Frog Crafts   various ages

Episode #116:  Backpack 

Dora remembers the first time she met her wonderful friend Backpack....  Backpack is helping Dora carry her books back to the Library. Can they solve the Troll’s riddle at the Troll Bridge, avoid a mischievous raincloud, climb the big Rock, and reach the Library before it closes?
Suggestion:  Bluster the Cloud paper craft   (Age 2+).

Episode #117:  Fish Out Of Water 

Dora and Boots are at the beach hunting for seashells when they find a little baby fish trapped in a tide pool.  Dora and Boots are determined to bring the baby fish home.  First, they’ll have to climb over King Crab’s Sandcastle, then take a submarine ride with Val the Octopus.  It’s an underwater adventure that will take them all the way to the bottom of the Ocean.
Suggestion:  DLTK's Ocean Section  (various ages).

Episode #118:  Bug 

Dora and Boots are bug hunting in the forest when they come upon Mama Bugga Bugga struggling under the weight of a big cookie.  Our heroes offer to help her bring the cookie home so she can feed her 10 Bugga Bugga babies.  To get Mamma Bugga Bugga home, they’ll face a bug-trapper flower in Isa’s Garden, and lurking spiders in a huge Spider Web maze.
Suggestion:  DLTK's Insect Section (various ages, includes coloring pgs).

Episode #119:  Little Star 

Dora and Boots are getting ready to make a wish on the first star in the sky when the star falls! Now it’s up to Dora and Boots to bring Little Star back home to the Moon, so everyone can make their wish.  They’ll have to take Little Star over the Troll Bridge, and past Tico’s Tree, but can they get the star all the way back into the sky?
Suggestion:  NickJr's Little Star wish coloring book

Episode #120:  Dora Saves the Prince 

A storybook wicked witch banishes a young prince to the High Tower.  Dora and Boots jump into the book to save the Prince!  Armed with the magic word "Abre", Dora and Boots must make it through the Big Gate, across Crocodile Lake, and get to the High Tower in time to save the Prince.  But watch out for that witch!
Suggestion:  Not that Wicked Witch toilet paper roll craft  (Age 3+)


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