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Sesame Street Birthday Streamers

Thanks so much to Amy for contributing this great idea and the templates!

We just had my son's 1st birthday party and I decorated 95% of it with items from you site! I used the Sesame Street invitations, made 5 of each of the Sesame Street toilet paper "pals" to decorate the tables and made the birthday banner

I also used some of the items from your site in original ways.  I created a paper garland with clipart from your site (See templates below).  I purchased Crayola printer paper in the original colors.  I cut out strips and stapled them together.  I also used your Thank You card template to make a Sesame Street Thank you card.



(Black and white templates only.)

Big Bird template   (B&W)

Cookie Monster template   (B&W)

Count template   (B&W)

Elmo template   (B&W)

Ernie template   (B&W)

Grouch template   (B&W)



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