An Old Love

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An Old Love

by Carolyn Wells

Priscilla, Auntie's promised me
   A brand-new Paris doll;
And though I love you, yet you see
   I cannot keep you all.

Nursey declares I really must
   Throw one of you away;
And you're the oldest, so I trust
   You will not care to stay.

You've lost an arm, your dress is torn,
   Your wig is all awry;
Priscilla, you are so forlorn,
   We'll have to say good-by.

And yet--oh, don't! my dolly dear,
   Don't look so sad, I pray!
You precious dolly, come right here,
   You shan't be thrown away!

You're ragged, yes, and lame and blind,
   You're really but a wreck;
But, dear Priscilla, never mind,
   I do not care a speck.

Your eyes do nicely when they're shut,
   And I can mend the rest;
Well--p'raps I'll love the new one--but
   I'll always love you best.




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