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Dental Health Crafts and Activities for Kids

February is Dental Health month, but these crafts can be made at anytime.

I myself am DEATHLY afraid of the dentist.  So far, we've managed to keep Kaitlyn from suffering this same fear.  She's actually pretty upbeat about her dentist trips!  And she's always excited about losing another tooth.

coloring pages

Dental Health Coloring Pages

jigsaw  puzzles 

Dental Health Activities
Dental Health On-Line Jigsaw Puzzle

franklin and the tooth fairy

DLTK's Book Breaks
Franklin and the Tooth Fairy

Tooth Craft

DLTK's Dental Health Activities
Happy Tooth Paper Craft

Age 2+

lost tooth pillow craft

DLTK's Dental Health Activities
Lost Tooth Pillow

Age 7+

Must be able to use a hot glue gun or sew to make the project...  Young children love to help stuff it or receive it as a gift!

dental health poetry

DLTK's Dental Health Activities
Poems and Songs about Teeth

Toothfairy certificate

DLTK's Dental Health Activities
Tooth Fairy Certificate

Age 2+

tooth fairy coloring page

DLTK's Dental Health Activities
Tooth Fairy Coloring Pages

color  or   B&W

tooth fairy craft

DLTK's Dental Health Crafts
Tooth Fairy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Age 3+

tooth keeper

DLTK's Dental Health Crafts
Tooth Keeper

Age 4+


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