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Pokemon can forget these attacks.

TM List

#   Location
01 Mega Punch MT. Moon, Celadon Deparent Store
02 Razor Wind Celadon Deparent Store, Celadon--Game Corner
03 Swords Dance Saffron--Silph Company Building
04 Whirlwind Route 4
05 Mega Kick Victory Road, Celadon Deparent Store
06 Toxic Fuchsia City Gym
07 Horn Drill Celadon--Game Corner
08 Body Slam Vermilion--S. S. Anne
09 Take Down Saffron City, Celadon Deparent Store
10 Double-Edge Celadon--Game Corner
11 Bubblebeam Cerulean City Gym
12 Water Gun MT. Moon
13 Ice Beam Celadon Deparent Store
14 Blizzard Cinnabar Island
15 Hyper Beam Celadon City
16 Pay Day Route 12
17 Submission Victory Road, Celadon City Deparent Store
18 Counter Celadon Deparent Store
19 Seismic Toss Route 25
20 Rage Route 15
21 Mega Drain Celadon City Gym
22 Solar Beam Cinnabar Island
23 Dragon Rage Celadon City
24 Thunderbolt Vermilion City Gym
25 Thunder Power Plant
26 Earthquake Saffron--Silph Company Building
27 Fissure Viridian City Gym
28 Dig Cerulean City
29 Psychic Saffron City
30 Teleport Route 9
31 Mimic Saffron City
32 Double Team Fuchsia City, Celadon Deparent Store
33 Reflect Power Plant, Celadon Deparent Store
34 Bide Pewter City Gym
35 Metronome Cinnabar Island--Pokémon Lab
36 Selfdestruct Saffron City--Silph Company Building
37 Egg Bomb Fuchsia City, Celadon Deparent Store
38 Fire Blast Cinnabar Island Gym
39 Swift Route 12 (Lookout Station)
40 Skull Bash Safari Zone
41 Softboiled Celadon City
42 Dream Eater Viridian City
43 Sky Attack Victory Road
44 Rest Vermilion--S. S. Anne
45 Thunder Wave Route 24
46 Psywave Saffron City Gym
47 Explosion Victory Road
48 Rock Slide Celadon Deparent Store
49 Tri Attack Celadon Deparent Store
50 Substitute Celadon City


Gold & Silver
TM List

#   Location
01 Dynamic Punch Chuck at Cianwood City Gym
02 Headbutt Ilex Forest/purchase at Goldenrod City Deparent Store
03 Curse Guy in Celadon Mansion (only at nite)
04 Rollout Route 35
05 Roar Route 32
06 Toxic Janine at the Fuchsia Gym
07 Zap Cannon Power Plant Director
08 Rock Smash Route 36 (after Sudowoodo event)/purchase at Goldenrod City Deparent Store
09 Psych Up Trade Abra 
10 Hidden Power In house above Lake of Rage
11 Sunny Day Girl in Radio Tower/purchase in Celadon City Deparent Store
12 Sweet Scent Girl in gatehouse at north end of Ilex Forest
13 Snore Route 39
14 Blizzard Purchase for 5500 coins in Goldenrod City Game Corner
15 Hyper Beam Purchase for 7500 coins in Celadon City Game Corner
16 Icy Wind Pryce at Mahogany Town Gym
17 Protect Purchase for P3000 at Celadon Deparent Store
18 Rain Dance Slowpoke Well/purchase in Celadon Deparent Store
19 Giga Drain Erika at Celadon City Gym
20 Endure Burnt Tower
21 Frustration Sunday at Goldenrod Deparent Store (after you show the woman a Pokémon that hates you)
22 Solarbeam Route 27
23 Iron Tail Jasmine at Olivine City Gym
24 Dragonbreath Clair in Dragon's Den
25 Thunder Purchase for 5500 coins at Goldenrod City Game Corner
26 Earthquake Victory Road
27 Return Sunday at Goldenrod Deparent Store (after you show the woman a Pokémon that loves you)
28 Dig National Park
29 Psychic Mr. Psychic in Saffron City
30 Shadow Ball Morty at Ecruteak City Gym
31 Mud-Slap Falkner at Violet City Gym
32 Double Team Purchase for 15000 at Celadon Game Corner
33 Ice Punch Purchase for P3000 at Goldenrod City Deparent Store/
34 Swagger Olivine Lighthouse
35 Sleep Talk Underground Passage in Goldenrod City
36 Sludge Bomb Gate to Route 43 after clearing out Team Rocket's Hideout
37 Sandstorm House on Route 37
38 Fire Blast Purchase for 5500 coins at Goldenrod City Game Corner
39 Swift Union Cave
40 Defense Curl Mt.  Mortar
41 Thunderpunch Purchase for P3000 at Goldenrod City Deparent Store
42 Dream Eater Viridian City
43 Detect Lake of Rage/
44 Rest Ice Path
45 Attract Whitney at Goldenrod City Gym
46 Thief Team Rocket's Hideout in Mahogany Town
47 Iron Wing Rock Tunnel
48 Fire Punch Purchase for P3000 at Goldenrod City Deparent Store
49 Fury Cutter Bugsy at Azalea City Gym
50 Nighare Route 31





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