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#071 Victreebel Pokedex

Japanese Name:  Utsubot

Type:  Grass/Poison

Species:  Flycatcher

Height: 5' 07"

Weight:  34.0 lb

Bellsprout evolves to Weepinbell at level 21
Weepinbell evolves to Victreebel with Leaf Stone


Advantages:  Water, Ground, Rock

Disadvantages: Fire, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Steel, Ground

Immunities:  Steel


Description:  Said to live in huge colonies deep in jungles, although no one has ever returned from there.

Gameboy Attacks:


Level Move Type
- Sleep Powder Grass
- Stun Spore Grass
- Acid Poison
- Razor Leaf Grass
13 Wrap Normal
15 Poison Powder Grass



Level Move Type
- Vine Whip Grass
- Sleep Powder Grass
- Sweet Scent Normal
- Razor Leaf Grass




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