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Some of the cards come accompanied with a printable envelope.  You can mix and match too!

Even if you have a colour printer, you may prefer the black and white version which the kids can colour in themselves...


Bulbasaur Card - colour printer and envelope
Bulbasaur Card - black and white printer and envelope

Charizard - colour printer
Charizard - black and white printer

Charmander - colour printer
Charmander - black and white printer

Jigglypuff Card - colour printer and Jigglypuff Envelope
Jigglypuff Card - black and white printer and Jigglypuff Envelope

Mew - colour printer and Mew Envelope
Mew - black and white printer and Mew Envelope

Pikachu Card - colour printer and Pikachu envelope
Pikachu Card - black and white printer and Pikachu envelope

For extra fun, add a few crafts from our pokemon section to do with your friend! 


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