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Thanks to the viewer who contributed this recipe!

It was Hat Day at preschool and it just happened to be Kaitlyn's turn to bring a snack so we thought we would get creative and make a cookie shaped like a top hat. It turned out to be a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed them.

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Top Hat Cookies
 • 1 box of brownie mix (or your own recipe)
 • chocolate sugar cookies (separate recipe)
 • chocolate frosting
 • strawberry or cherry rolled fruit snack
 1.  Bake brownie according to package directions and let cool.
 2.  Mix sugar cookie dough and roll it flat. Cut out circular cookies about 3 inches in diameter. (We used
     a large drinking glass to cut them out.)
 3.  Bake the sugar cookies according to the recipe. They should end up slightly larger.
 4.  Cut round pieces of brownie smaller than the sugar cookies. We used a slightly smaller glass than we did
     for the cookies.
 5.  Frost one side of the brownie and then stick it to the top of a sugar cookie.
 6.  Cut the rolled fruit snack into long narrow strips and wrap it around the bottom of the brownie to hide
     the frosting.
 7.  Makes about 12 cookies.


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