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Thanks to the viewer who contributed this recipe!

This is great for the kids to make their parents on Valentine's Day, Father's Day or Mother's Day.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (or apples)
 • 8 oz semi sweet chocolate squares or 1
   pkg semi sweet chocolate chips
 • 1 container of strawberries (or apples
   if allergies are a concern - heck, even
   bananas work!)
 • waxed paper
 • cookie sheet (or other tray)
 • glass bowl
 • rubber spatula
 • microwave
 1.  Wash strawberries (leave the stems on)
     and dry VERY well. If even a drop of
     water gets into the melted chocolate, it
     'seize' and you'll have to throw it way
     (er, or eat it!) -- you won't be able to
     coat anything with it.
 2.  Cover a cookie sheet with waxed paper
 3.  Put chocolate into a glass bowl.
 4.  Put in microwave on high for 30 seconds.
 5.  Remove from microwave and stir for a second or two with a rubber spatula
 6.  Repeat the above step one or two more times.
 7.  By the third time, you should see some of the chocolate beginning to melt (sort of like lumpy chocolate
     soup). Remove at this point and stir and stir until the lumps are gone. It's better to let the warmth
     of the melted chocolate and the bowl melt the other chocolate rather than overmicrowaving it. If in
     doubt, err on the side of undermicrowaving (you can always pop it in again for another 10 seconds or so
     at the end if you just couldn't get the last few lumps to melt).
 8.  Dip the dry strawberries into the chocolate, swirling them around to coat well and then place on the
     waxed paper.
 9.  When you've coated all the strawberries, set aside for about 2 hours to let the chocolate harden (though
     you can nibble one as a 'chef's treat' when it's still wet! -- this is especially important if your chef
     is a 5 year old!!)
 10. If you have chocolate left over, cut up an apple or banana and dip into the chocolate and eat right away
     (it's just like a chocolate fondue)


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