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Thanks to Annie for sending this in!

For a really foul serving suggestion, serve with the red sauce that you put on ice cream. Looks really revolting, kids love it.

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Eyeballs in Slime
 • 1 can of lychees
 • 1 can strawberries
 • 2 packets of raspberry (red) or lime (green) jelly depending on what colour you want your slime to be.
   (I think that is Jello for those of you across the pond.)
 1.  Strain and rinse the lychees in a sieve
 2.  Stuff each lychee with a strawberry so a small disc of red is showing from inside the lychee
 3.  Mix the jelly according to instructions
 4.  Add the ‘eyeballs’ to the jelly
 5.  Refrigerate overnight


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