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Thank-you Grandma Doris!

We had this at Easter at Grandma Doris' house -- the girls enjoyed it so much, they begged to make it for Grandpa Bob for his 60th birthday!

English Trifle (Grandma Doris's favorite recipe)
 • baked white cake
 • 3 cups milk
 • 6 serving vanilla pudding mix (cooked
OR: omit these two ingredients and make a 6 serving instant pudding
 • 1 cup whipping cream
 • 1/2 tsp vanilla
 • 1 Tbsp sugar
OR: omit these three ingredients and make a package of dream whip
 • 1 pint strawberries
 • 6 to 8 kiwis
 • Optional: 1 cup fruit juice
 1.  Bake cake according to package
     directions (this can be done the day
     before) - we baked in a 9 x 13 pan, but
     you can use round pans if that's all you
     have. Slice into 1 inch (ish) chunks.
 2.  OPTIONAL: Pour 1 cup fruit juice over the cake and let it soak in.
 3.  Make pudding according to the package directions... this is where the 3 cups of milk are used
 4.  Combine the whipping cream, vanilla and sugar in a clean bowl and beat until it forms stiff peaks.
 5.  Clean and slice strawberries and kiwis.
 6.  In a serving bowl, layer cake, pudding, fruit. Repeat until bowl is almost full. This is a great step
     for the kids to do.
 7.  Cover with whipped cream.
 8.  Garnish with fruit.
 9.  Makes 8 servings


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