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Thanks to the viewer who contributed this recipe!

Clay dries to a very hard finish.

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Sawdust Clay
 • 1 cup sawdust
 • 1/2 cup flour
 • water
 1.  Mix sawdust and flour. Add water, stirring, until dough is stiff. If dough is too crumb-like, add a bit
     more water and flour (a bit less sawdust)
 2.  Knead on a wax paper covered table.
 3.  Mold into shape (animals, flowers, bowls, etc).
 4.  Set in a warm, breezy spot for about 48 hours until dry.
 5.  Sand with fine grit sandpaper.
 6.  Paint with acrylic or tempra paints (acrylic coats better, but doesn't come out of clothes)


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