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Thanks to the viewer who contributed this recipe!

My oldest daughter has sensitive skin and cannot use most store bought bubble baths. When she's in the mood for bubbles, we use our own home made version (we don't put any scent in it). You can try different shampoos until you get the one with the perfect amount of foaminess for you! You can make double or triple the batches and give as gifts.

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Bubble Bath
 • 1 cup shampoo (I like to use generic tear free baby shampoo)
 • 1 1/2 cups water
 • food color (optional)
 • squeeze bottles or jars (dish detergent bottles or shampoo bottles are my favorite)
 • Optional: 1/2 tsp glycerin (purchase at the drug store)
 • Optional: essential oil (scented oils like vanilla or citrus) -- available at most craft stores (I also
   use them for candle making)
 • OR Optional: a few drops of strong perfume (erm, this is a good use for some of the perfumes you might
   get for mother's day that you don't really wear much *grin*)
 1.  Pour shampoo and water into your bottle.
 2.  Add a couple drops of food color
 3.  Optional: add glycerin and essential oil or perfume
 4.  Shake well to mix
 5.  It will get foamy when you shake it, but will settle down and look like bubble bath
 6.  Squeeze a good amount into the tub as you are running the water.


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