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Thanks to the viewer who contributed this recipe!

Alrighty... the first thing I have to say is that when I saw a recipe that required you to mix chocolate, ice cream and lemonade... I shuddered. But we put it together and it was a big hit. It's my 7 yr old Tasha's new favorite recipe (to make and to drink). Er, don't let the kids know I told... but Tasha made SO MANY chocolate sodas one night before bed that her little sister ended up having a potty training relapse. We've since restricted the amount of pre-bed chocolate soda consumption in our household (yes daddy, that means you too!!)

By the way...we also have a picture version of the recipe cards available here.

Chocolate Soda Recipe
 • 2 tsp chocolate syrup (the kind you make
   chocolate milk with)
 • 2 Tbsp milk
 • 2 Tbsp vanilla ice cream
 • 1 cup lemonade
 • 1 ice cube
 1.  In a tall glass, mix chocolate syrup and
     milk. Add ONE Tbsp vanilla ice cream.
 2.  Add 2nd Tbsp vanilla ice cream, 1 cup
     lemonade and 1 ice cube. Stir
 3.  Serve with a straw.


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