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Sent in by Val. Thanks!

NOTE: Kool-Aid and juices do not freeze well enough to use in the glove, and the "fingers" will snap off when taking off the glove. ENJOY!

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Frightful Punch
Step 1- The Hand
 • One UNPOWDERED disposable glove, like those used by nurses
 • Water (about a quart)
 • 1 drop each red and blue food coloring
Step 2 - The Punch
 • 2 cans Hawaiian Punch Red, COLD
 • 1 liter ginger ale, COLD
 • 1 can (6 ounces) frozen orange juice, defrosted in the fridge
 • OPTIONAL, if an adult party: 8 ounces Jack Daniels
Step 1 - The Hand
 1.  Fill pitcher with water.
 2.  Add food coloring.
 3.  Stir.
 4.  Pour into glove, and using a rubber band, tie the glove shut.
 5.  Place glove in the freezer for at least 12 hours.
Step 2 - The Punch
 6.  Mix all the above ingredients in a punchbowl.
 7.  Remove frozen glove from freezer, and remove rubber band.
 8.  Peel off glove and float the "hand" in the punch.
Here is a twist offered by Chastity:
 9.  Find a cheap plastic dracula mask at the dollar store. The kind I had as a kid, with the string on the
     back to hold it on.
 10. Tape up the holes for the eyes and the breathing holes for the mouth and nose.
 11. Fill with plain water and freeze it.
 12. Once frozen, I pop it out pf the mask and the slipd it into the punch.
 13. The whitish color of the ice against the red punch made it even spookier looking as if it was an illusion
     in the punch.


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