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Thanks to a Rose for sharing this recipe with us!

(Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde)

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Enchiladas Suizas
 • shredded chicken breasts corn tortillas
 • corn oil
 • salsa verde
 • Mexican crema or sour cream
 • queso blanco white mexican panela cheese (or if you can't find that where you live...you could substitute
   another white cheese)
 • sliced avocados
 1.  prepare chicken breasts (boil chicken breasts in water with salt, onion, garlic until ready then shred
     with a fork)
 2.  In a frying pan put corn oil to warm ...just enough to dip the corn tortilla in to soften..then remove it
     quickly and drain onto paper towel. continue until you have the number of tortillas you need.
 3.  Then quickly fill the tortillas with chicken mixture. Roll up and put on plate.
 4.  Top with crema or sour cream spread all over rolled up tortillas. Then Salsa Verde and crumbled cheese.
     You can also top with avocado slices.
 5.  Serve with rice and refried beans.


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