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Contributed by a viewer. Thanks Veronica!

a.k.a. Morning Flautas "My name is Veronica and I would like to share my favorite Tex-Mex breakfast. I live in Texas, where chorizo Mexicano and corn tortillas are plentiful, so there is no problem with availability. This is something I call "Flautas de Desayuno", although I have been known to call them simply morning flautas. They are a life saver for eating on the run, or for a portable breakfast item, or anytime!"

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Flautas de Desayuno
 • 1 pkg. chorizo Mexicano
 • 2 very large baking potatoes, peeled, grated, and then rinsed twice to remove the starch
 • oil for frying and dipping corn tortillas, preferably corn oil
 • 1 pkg (10 count) corn tortillas
 1.  Warm some of the oil in a saucepan over medium-low heat.
 2.  Dip each corn tortilla and place on a plate to soften.
 3.  Mean while, cook the entire package of chorizo in a saucepan. When the chorizo is almost done, turn the
     heat down to low and keep warm in the pan.
 4.  dd the already peeled and grated potatoes to the pan. Rinsing the potatoes twice to remove the starch
     is a good idea, since it facilitates the filling step.
 5.  Cover the potato/chorizo mixture with a tight fitting lid and cook until the potatoes are soft, stirring
     occasionally over low heat. Remove from heat and set aside.
 6.  Pour more oil into the pan in which the corn tortillas were dipped for frying.
 7.  Heat the oil over medium heat while the flautas are filled.
 8.  Place about 1 Tablespoon of filling onto one end of the tortilla.
 9.  Roll the tortilla up and place in hot oil to fry, turning only twice.
 10. The flauta is done when it is stiff all around. Remove carefully with tongs. Place on paper towels to
 11. Repeat this procedure with all the tortillas.
 12. Hope you enjoy them with Mexican hot chocolate.


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