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Thanks to Helen for contributing this recipe!

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Salmon Baked on a Plank
 • Salmon
 • thick bacon
 • cedar plank
 1.  Choose a wooden plank -inch thick. Plank should be 1 inch longer and 6 inches wider than the salmon.
 2.  Split salmon, clean and remove head and tail. Leave skin on.
 3.  Drive large headed nails through thick strips of bacon, at edge of the fish and the plank.
 4.  Drive a stake into the ground, about 2 feet from a slow fire, and lean the plank against it.
 5.  Turn the plank upside down about every 20 minutes during the baking.
 6.  Salmon 1-1/2 inches thick takes about 1-1/2 hours to cook.


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