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Thanks to Faye for sending this in to us!

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Resurrection Cake
 • Favorite chocolate cake mix
 • Stick Pretzels
 • Royal Icing
 • Green food coloring
 • Coconut
 • 9x2 Round Casserole Dish (MAKE SURE IT IS OVEN & MICROWAVE SAFE)
 • 1 round cookie, ding dong, top of cup cake, or anything round that is edible
 • Chocolate Icing
 • Cooking Spray
 • Cake Board (can get at Wal-mart in crafts)
 • Foil
 1.  Spray 9x2 Round Casserole Dish w/ cooking spray.
 2.  Mix Cake Mix as follows on cake mix directions and pour cake mix into casserole dish and cook to
 3.  When Cake is cool put cake on center of Cake Board and make sure you put the foil on to cover board.
 4.  Direct cake like a cave; use the Royal Icing to attach the Pretzels together like a cross, then allow to
     dry and place the Pretzel cross on top of the cave.
 5.  Cut a hole on one side of the cake and put ding dong on one side of the hole.
 6.  Color the coconut green and place as grass on and around cake and or smash some shred wheat for weeds or
     anything else you would like to use direct with maybe some premade icing flowers you could use white
     icing and or write on top of cake or on ding dong “HE IS NOT HERE”. Or anything else you can think of.


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