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A big thank you to Becky for sharing this idea with us.

Use this idea when telling the story of Jesus turning water into wine.

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Wine-Coloured Jelly Goblets
 • plastic disposable wine goblets (available from supermarkets), 1 per child
 • 1 or 2 packets of Blackcurrant flavour Jelly(Jello)Crystals
 • Measuring jug or clear bowl
 • access to hot water
 1.  Give each child their own goblet.
 2.  Sprinkle the jelly (Jello USA) crystals on the bottom of one of the measuring jugs or clear bowl.
 3.  Fill a measuring jug with the correct amount of hot water as shown on jelly pack (If time is limited, I
     suggest using less boiling water & more cold to set it quicker)
 4.  Carefully pour the hot water onto the crystals while children watch - hey presto!
 5.  Water comes out of the jug but 'wine' appears in the bowl.
 6.  Depending on age of children, let them each have a stir, otherwise wait till you've added the cold water
     & then let them stir.
 7.  Help each child to pour some 'wine' jelly into their goblet then put in the fridge to set.
 8.  You may want to print off some stickers for their goblets with an appropriate memory verse on it.


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