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Thank you to Jolene for sharing this recipe with us!

Here is an easy and popular recipe from South Africa. In the earlier days the dough was made at home but now it is much easier to buy uncooked bread dough...less mess and hassle. VETKOEK - pronounced "fetcook" and translated to English is fat cake or oil cake. Vetkoek is a Afrikaans word. Afrikaans is derived from the Dutch language. 1 kg of dough should make a main meal for about 6 people.

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 • 1 kg uncooked bread dough (over here we can buy it at our local supermarket. I'm sure if you order it the
   supermarket or bakery would put some aside.)
 • Oil for deep-frying
 • Filling - basically anything goes. The most popular is a mildly curried mince (we call it mince here but
   in the other parts of the word it is called ground beef). Small chopped up vegetables can also be added
   to the mince.
 • Syrup - very popular for the kids
 • Other fillings can be chicken/mayo
 1.  Roll the dough in to a ball the size you want (about the size of a tennis ball is ideal).
 2.  Flatten the ball
 3.  Wait about hour for the dough to rise again.
 4.  When the oil is hot add the dough to the oil. (Here you have to get the temperature right otherwise the
     dough is burnt on the outside and raw inside. The ideal is to have the vetkoek nice and brown.)
 5.  The vetkoek needs to be turned at least once.
 6.  Take the "vetkoek" out the oil and drain.
 7.  Cut in half and add filling.


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