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Thanks to Bethany for sharing this spooky Halloween idea with us.

This is something my mom made for my Halloween party at school when I was in the third grade. I have seen variations on this after we came up with the idea ourselves. Now I am in high school and I still remember how everybody loved them! Instead of the sour gummi worms you can use candy corn but it doesn't look as spooky. Or you can even put those plastic spider rings inside (but be sure that you tell the children so incase one doesn't notice it will not swallow it.) Or you can also pour the kool-aid into a loaf pan or any other cake pan and put lots of gummi worms or candy corn inside and freeze. Then when it is frozen take it out and you have a giant ice cube to float around in your punch bowl.

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Halloween Ice Cubes
 • ice trays
 • sour gummi worms
 • kool-aid (suggest green for potion or orange for Halloween but stay away from the darker flavors like
   grape because then you can not see the worm inside as well) or plain water
 1.  Fill the ice cub tray about half way with kool-aid or water (no more than half way because the trays will
     overflow when you start to poke the worms in).
 2.  Put one sour gummi worm into the liquid (leave alittle bit of the gummi worm out of the liquid so that it
     will look like a head poking out.)
 3.  Freeze it.


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