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Thanks for sharing this creative treat Paula!

Click here for some additional photos of the spiders in process.

Spooky Spiders
 • melted chocolate to holds leg, head and
   eyes in place (I use chocolate chips and
   just melt a small amount at a time, in a
   bowl in the microwave, it can be
   remelted easily any time. I used milk
   chocolate with the ones I made, but semi
   sweet seems to firm up more quickly.)
 • malted milk balls (head)
 • mini m&ms (eyes)
 • small heart shaped pretzels (legs)
 • apples
 1.  put blobs of chocolate on wax paper, put
     in fridge to firm up just a little
 2.  use knife to break all the curved sides
     off the pretzel (you’re left with a Y
 3.  place the legs in the somewhat firmed up
     chocolate (otherwise they won’t stay up)
 4.  put back in fridge to harden the rest of the way
 5.  once hard put another small dollop of chocolate on top
 6.  stick on the head and use chocolate to glue on the eyes
 7.  put back in fridge
 8.  once hardened again (it only takes a few minutes for them to harden up)
 9.  place in container being careful not to bust up the legs
Apple web
 10. use a tomato paste can opened on both ends and clean to core apple
 11. cut a ring for each plate and some straight pieces


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