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Thank you to Karissa for sharing this Mexican favourite with us!

We make this for birthdays,christmas,babyshowers....any occasion with large amounts of people.....usually we serve in cups (desechables-plastic cups to make it easier)! YUMMY~ Buen provecho!!!! Karissa

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Frijoles Charros
 • pinto beans (1 lb or as much as you want to make)
 • garlic clove
 • salt
 • bacon
 • chorizo
 • ham
 • hot dogs (sliced)
 • onion (finely sliced)
 • tomatoe (chopped)
 • cilantro (finely chopped)
 1.  Cook pinto beans with a clove of garlic and some salt to taste.
 2.  In a large skillet (these ingredients depend on the amount of beans...just eye it) fry bacon until cooked
     then add mexican chorizo and fry until cooked, then ham, then hot dogs (sliced up), onion and tomatoe.
 3.  Once this is all cooked add to beans along with cilantro.


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