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Thanks to Marni for sharing this recipe with us!

Very quick and easy!

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Little Cups of Tea
 • Round flat biscuits (In Australia we use tick tocks or Marie biscuits)
 • Icing
 • Marshmallow
 • Chocolate swirl or freckle
 • Lifesavors
 1.  Get a round flat biscuit and put a dollop of icing in the middle of it.
 2.  Then place a marshmallow on top of that.
 3.  On top of the marshmallow, put another dollop of icing then place on top a chocolate swirl or freckle (a
     freckle makes it look like a bubbling drink)
 4.  Then to make your handle, glue with icing sugar a lifesaver cut in half onto the side of your marshmallow
     and this gives you your handle.


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