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A unique way to make a card for any occaision.

Corn Syrup Paint Greeting Cards
 • corn syrup (light colored is better)
 • food coloring
 • paintbrush
 • something to mix your paint in (we used
   clear plastic cups) -- ex: plastic
   cups, egg carton cups, paper plates,
   plastic lids, small glass cups or baby
   food jars - the nice thing about baby
   food jars is you can screw the lids on
   and store the paint in the fridge for
   quite some time.
 • paper or card stock
 1.  Mix your paint: a) In plastic container
     (we used clear cups) add a tablespoon or
     two of corn syrup. b) Drop a drip or
     two of food coloring into the corn syrup
     c) Use your paintbrush to stir. d)
     Repeat to make as many colors as you like (I personally wouldn't make more than 2 or 3 colors)
 2.  Note: Warm water (which "melts" the syrup) washes your paintbrushes nicely.
 3.  Paint your card with the corn syrup paint. The thinner you apply your paint, the faster your card will
 4.  The paint takes quite awhile to dry so make sure to leave a couple days for drying time... the thicker
     you apply the paint, the longer it takes to dry. The paint should stop being sticky when it's dry but it
     will stay shiny. I live in a fairly dry climate (Alberta)... in someplace with a lot of humidity you
     might want to use a fan on low to help speed up the drying.


Print Full Version Print 3x5 Print 4x6


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