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Thanks to Cathy for contributing this recipe!

Pretzels were first made by monks who gave them as rewards to children who had learned their prayers. The special twisted shape looks like the folded arms of a child praying. The word pretzel means reward.

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Praying Pretzels
 • 2 loaves (16oz) frozen whole wheat bread dough, thawed
 • 1 egg white
 • 1 tsp water
 • Coarse salt, optional
 1.  Thaw dough in refrigerator overnight.
 2.  Roll into 24 balls (12 each loaf).
 3.  Roll into ropes and shape into pretzels by forming a knot and looping ends through.
 4.  Place 1 inch apart on well greased cookie sheet.
 5.  Let stand 20 minutes.
 6.  Combine egg whites with water and brush on pretzels.
 7.  Sprinkle with salt and bake at 350F for 20 minutes.


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