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Thanks to the viewer who contributed this recipe!

Use different colors for different characters:
  Blue's Clues (vanilla icing + blue food coloring)
  Magenta (vanilla icing + purple food coloring)
  Clifford the Big Red Dog (vanilla icing + red food coloring)
  Scooby Doo (chocolate icing)
  You could also do a white one with chocolate toes for a dalmation puppy or snoopy theme.

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Doggy Paw Print Birthday Cake
 • Favorite cake mix -- one box (or two boxes if making two pawprints).
 • Favorite icing (I just use the kind you purchase) -- white icing + food coloring for all the cakes except
   scooby doo. For that, I just use chocolate icing.
 • Food coloring drops or paste (paste gives brighter colors
 • regular round cake pan cupcake pan.
 1.  This cake is very simple. It's one round cake and 4 cupcakes all frosted with an appropriate color and
     arranged like a pawprint. You can make two of these cakes, depending on how many children will be at the
 2.  Another nice thing about it is that you can make the cupcakes a different flavour than the main cake for


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