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Thanks to Tina for sending this in!

I've made these every year for my daughter's class and they all ask for them!

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Tombstone Cupcakes
 • 1 Box cake mix and ingredients it will need
 • Homemade or store bought frosting
 • Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies
 • chocolate thin writing frosting tube
 • Halloween colored sprinkles
 • Plastic Halloween Toothpick Ghosts,
 • Bats, or other decorations.
 1.  Make cupcakes as directed on package.
 2.  Let cool before decorating.
 3.  Frost with frosting.
 4.  Cut Milano cookies in half.
 5.  With the writing tube write "RIP" on each cookie.
 6.  Place the cut side down into cupcake and decorate with a plastic toothpick and sprinkles or decorations
     of your choice!
 7.  Even a candy pumpkin looks great next to the tombstone!


Print Full Version Print 3x5 Print 4x6