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Thanks to Megan for sharing this recipe with us!

Megan wrote: "Here's a recipe for White Christmas we make in Australia since we are in the middle of summer for Christmas."

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White Christmas
 • 1 cup desiccated coconut
 • 2 cups Rice bubbles
 • 1 cup Icing sugar
 • 1 cup milk powder
 • 185 grams sultanas
 • 185 grams diced dried apricots
 • 60 grams chopped red glace cherries
 • 250grams white vegetable shortening
 1.  Wash hands and collect all ingredients and equipment.
 2.  Mix all ingredients (excluding Shortening) in large bowl
 3.  Carefully melt shortening on stove top (or in microwave)
 4.  Pour shortening into mix and stir until combined.
 5.  Press mixture into paper lined tray(about 1'/ 2.5 cm high) or spoon into paper cups
 6.  Refrigerate until set
 7.  Let an adult cut in to squares if made in tray
 8.  Enjoy !!!!


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