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Someone posted this on the discussion group without a name. Thanks so much to whoever it was!

Here's a good (easy) letter R recipe -- it also makes a nice St. Patrick's day idea.

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Rainbow Cookies
 • 1 cup sugar
 • 1 cup butter, softened
 • 2 cups flour
 • 1 tsp. vanilla
 • 1 egg
 • Food coloring-at least 6 colors (make sure one of them is Red!) Remember - with red, blue and yellow you
   can make all the other colors.
 1.  Mix sugar, butter, egg and vanilla. Add flour and mix well.
 2.  Divide dough into six balls.
 3.  Add a different food coloring to each ball.
 4.  Roll each ball in a snake shape onto a floured surface. This is fun for the kids -- just like
 4.  playdough!
 5.  Arch snake shape and press onto cookie sheet.
 6.  Add other snake shapes until the rainbow is formed. (OR! Form a letter R shape with them)
 7.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8-15 minutes.
 8.  When cooled let each child taste a piece of the rainbow.


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