Brownies in Canada


In 2002/2003 a new Brownie uniform was released in Canada.  The girls have the choice of: 

  • a long sleeve orange tee shirt, a short sleeve orange and navy tee shirt, a navy jumper, an orange and navy fleece vest or orange and navy "hoodie" (hooded sweatshirt),
  • a navy skort, navy cargo pants 
  • navy badge scarf or badge vest,
  • The tie is white with orange maple leaves.

The old uniform is also still acceptable.  It consists of:


Lend a Hand


I promise to do my best,
to be true to myself, my God/faith* and Canada
I will help other people and keep the Brownie Law

*Choose either the word God or the word faith according to your personal convictions. 


As a Brownie I am honest and kind,
I help take care of the world around me.


Link to official website of Canadian Brownies