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Olympics Coloring Pages

sochi mascot coloring pagesSochi Olympics (2014)

2014 Olympic Mascot - Bear:   (color)   or   (B&W)

2014 Olympic Mascot - Hare:   (color)   or   (B&W)

2014 Olympic Mascot - Leopard:   (color)   or   (B&W)

2014 Olympic Mascot - Ray of Life:  (color)   or   (B&W)

2014 Olympic Mascot - Snowflake:   (color)   or   (B&W)


Olympic Medal     (B&W)

Olympic Rings    (color)   or    (B&W)

Olympic Torch (cartoon)    (color)   or    (B&W)

Olympic Torch 2    (color)   or    (B&W)

Olympic Torch 3    (color)   or    (B&W)


Summer Sports Coloring Pages  (wide variety of different sports)

Winter Sports Coloring Pages  (wide variety of different sports)


Greek Gods   (the Olympics started in Greece.  The 12 main greek gods were called "the Olympians".  I found it fun to tie this in when talking to my girls about the Olympics so thought I'd share.)


Olympic coloring pagesLondon Olympics (2012)

2012 Olympic Mascots:   (coloring page)

Mandeville:   (coloring page)

Wenlock:   (coloring page)


Athens Olympics (2004)

MASCOT 2004:  Athena   (color)   or    (B&W)

MASCOT 2004:  Phevos   (color)   or    (B&W)

MASCOTS 2004:  with motto      (color)   or    (B&W)


Sydney Olympics (2000)

MASCOT 2000:  Millie the Echidna    (color)   or    (B&W)

MASCOT 2000:  Ollie the Kookabura    (color)   or    (B&W)

MASCOT 2000:  Syd the Platypus 1    (color)   or    (B&W)

MASCOT 2000:  Syd the Platypus 2    (color)   or    (B&W)

Sydney Olympics Emblem    (color)   or    (B&W)


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