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Extra info!  (Thanks to our viewers for sharing this.)

Japanese numbers up to ten:

1   ichi
2   ni
3   san
4   shi (or less often 'yo-on')
5   go
6   roku
7   shichi (or 'nana')
8   hachi
9   kyuu
10  jyuu

also: 'hai' means yes, 'iie' means no.
(pronunciation: hai => hi     iie ==> eeee-eh

My daughters and I like to explore different cultures -- especially when they are learning about them in school.

As with all of the different countries sections on the site, the information here consists of a combination of simple things most of us know about, some library research, some things the girls have learned in school and some things contributed by viewers.

Coloring Pages

The Moon Maiden

Japanese Folktale
Folktale:  The Moon Maiden

Japan themed Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Japanese Puzzles
Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Printable Worksheets

Printable Worksheets about Japan


Artwork by Famous Japanese Artists

Word Mining


Japan Crafts:

Dharma Doll CD Rom Craft

dragon crafts 


These mythical creatures can be found in fairy tales and folklore all over the world, including Japan.


Geisha Paper Plate Craft 

Godzilla Toilet Paper Roll Craft

karate craft

Kitsune crafts

Kitsune (Foxes)

Maneki Neko Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Various Origami Projects


origami is a popular paper folding art form from Japan

Stained Glass Flag Craft


More Sections Related to Japan:

printable pochi bukuro templates

setsubun oni colouring pages

Various Anime Sections

Various Anime Sections

Anime is a form of Japanese animation

Various Ocean Animals

Various Ocean Animals

(not all of these are applicable to Japan, but it is an island -- fishing and the sea are an important part of life there)

Various Origami Projects

Various Origami Projects

origami is a popular paper folding art form from Japan