DLTK's Crafts for Kids

DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Purim Gragger Ideas

When the Purim story ("Meglliah") is read, everyone boos and shakes their graggers whenever Haman's name is mentioned.  Use one of the ideas below to make your own gragger.

SHAKER type gragger - youngest children



TAMBORINE type gragger - kindergarten


  • two paper plates
  • hole punch and string/wool OR stapler
  • dried beans, sand, rocks or something like that
  • Optional:  stickers, paint, markers, construction paper, etc to decorate
  • glue


  • Decorate outside of paper plates as desired.  
    • one idea is to draw an angry face for Haman on one side and a happy face for Esther on the other
    • or paint your plates  (at age 2, Kaitlyn couldn't get enough paper plate painting -- she begged to do it every day.  I finally ran out of ways to use the plates so just started piling the painted creations in the craft room for future use.  Five years later I still haven't used them all!)
  • Fill one plate about 1/4 or less of the way full of dried beans (or similar material)
  • Put the other plate over the first and punch holes all the way around the plates.  Lace the plates together (tightly) with string or wool.
  • staple the plates together.  Even if you are going to let the kids lace the plates, you may want to put three staples in to hold it together as they're working on lacing.
  • Shake your tamborine!