DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 4:  Chilliwack to Vancouver

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We woke up a bit late this morning, but that was OK because we got to go swimming right away.  After our swim we had breakfast in our room and then we set off for Vancouver.  Mommy navigated, Daddy drove and we managed to make it to downtown Vancouver and find our hotel.  We checked in and unloaded our luggage.  Then we set off to Stanley Park for lunch.

After lunch we did a little shopping.  Kaitlyn bought a butterfly necklace and Tasha bought a pair of dolphin earrings.  We drove a little farther into the park oohing and ahhing over the ocean, sailboats and marinas.  We stopped at “Beach 3”.  The tide was out and Tasha was very excited to find seashells.  There were mussels, clams, crabs, barnacles and lots of seaweed.  Daddy found a clamshell with the clam still inside.  He pried it open to show the girls.

At first Kaitlyn was nervous about the seaweed, but she got used to it.  We drove to “Beach 2” and collected more shells.  Daddy noticed that the rocks here were covered with mussels, big ones and baby ones or small ones.  Mommy noticed that the seagulls were staring at us as we were gathering our seashells.  We all marveled at how quickly the tide came in.  Daddy waded into the water to get his girls the biggest shell we had seen so far.

Stanley ParkWe drove a wee bit farther and found a playground.  We didn’t play for long before we spotted a little building that had ice cream for sale!  We gobbled down the ice cream and headed back to the playground for a nice long play.

For supper we got together with daddy’s cousins Marion and Cheryl.  Tasha was intrigued by the fact that they were twins.  We saw Cheryl’s condo and then walked to Red Robin for supper.  Tasha ordered the onion ring tower and proceeded to eat most of mom’s Caesar salad.  Some day mommy will get to eat what she ordered.

Daddy enjoyed visiting with his cousins.  Cheryl really seemed to like the girls and walked back hand in hand with them pointing out some of the pretty flowers in Vancouver.

When we returned to the hotel, we were all tired so we settled in for a good nights sleep.

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