DLTK's British Columbia Road Trip
Day 6:  Vancouver to Victoria

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image by Leanne Guenther
The Sunken Garden
Butchart Gardens, British Columbia
Photo by Leanne

We woke up this morning and headed straight for the ferry.  We were all excited to experience this part of the vacation, though I’m not sure that the girls believed me when I told them that the van was coming on the boat too.

After a scenic drive we arrived at the ferry terminal about a half an hour before departure.  There were a lot of cars lined up with us.  After driving onto the ferry we got out of the van and headed to the passenger deck where we had breakfast and did some shopping.  We walked around the top deck for a little while and were surprised how cold and windy it was.

We arrived in Nanaimo and decided to drive straight to Butchart Gardens; somewhere mommy has wanted to see for years.  Tasha was the official map-reader and did a great job of leading us through the gardens.  Kaitlyn held the flower book and worked hard at figuring out what the flowers were called.  Mommy and Daddy both loved the sunken garden.  Everyone liked the “Boar Scarer” in the Japanese garden.

It was a hot day so we stopped for ice cream a short ways into our walk.  At the end of the tour we visited the dining room for afternoon tea. Everyone enjoyed the tea sandwiches, scones and desserts.  It was a perfect visit.

We continued on to Victoria and checked into our hotel.  The first thing we did was visit the outdoor swimming pool.  It was the best pool so far.  After our swim we walked along the harbor to find the restaurant for supper.  Since we were on the coast, Leanne and Darren both had fish.

We walked back to the hotel and turned in for the night.

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