fish cross stitch

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Fish Cross Stitch Pattern

This is a simple cross stitch pattern (no words), but it's fairly large.  It has 8 different colors which is a lot of a first time pattern but it a nice "medium difficulty" project for pre-teen children.  This is one that makes a great pillow (see the "How to Cross Stitch" directions for exactly how this is done) and is fun to make as a "team" (mom can stitch some too) or as an older (teenage) sibling to make for a younger sibling or cousin.

To learn more about cross stitching, check out our "How to Cross Stitch" directions.

When I do these projects with the girls, I encourage them fill in the backgrounds with blue (in this case) cross stitch instead of leaving it unstitched.  The long rows of single colored stitches are terrific practice.  But it's completely up to you!  It does make the project take a lot longer.




Fish Cross Stitch Template   (color)   or   (B&W)


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