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  1. Tornado in a Bottle science experiment - itsy bitsy book and scientific method worksheet
  2. Skittles and Water Science Experiment
  3. Acorn Paper Strip Craft
  4. Crawfish coloring pages
  5. Getting to Know Ronnie -- A Story About Ronnie
  6. Dinosaur Shoes
  7. Alien UFO Paper Plate Craft
  8. Word Art coloring pages
  9. Dragonborne coloring pages

  10. more Western Astrology Worksheets:
  11. Aquarium Cereal Box Craft
  12. Cinderella colouring pages
  13. Blog Post: River Hiking
  14. Straw Flute Craft
  15. more from Storyteller Delia
  16. Children's book reviews:
  17. Mini Fishing Game
  18. Read the Story of the Little Red Hen
  19. Butterfly Magnets
  20. Four Seasons Colouring Pages
  21. more Western Astrology Coloring Pages - this set has a little more detail for older kids and adults to colour.
  22. Blog Post: "Fridays are for Fertilizer"
  23. Swan Crafts:
  24. Storyteller Series: The Ugly Duckling
  25. Hand Washing Song to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  26. more Creative Writing Prompt Worksheets:
  27. Storyteller Series: The Story of Thumbelina
  28. Animal-themed Plant Pots
  29. Mini Wooden Plane Craft
  30. Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly Craft
  31. Horoscope Coloring Pages
  32. Rainbow Wind Chimes