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  1. Hanukkah Crafts:
  2. Watch our Storyteller Delia share the story of The Nutcracker
  3. Seasonal Fairies Coloring Pages
  4. The Story of Hanukkah
    • Good Housekeeping featured our Hanukkah Crown Craft in their November issue this year, which we were all very excited about.
    • We were also extremely grateful to have one of our resident storytellers, Joel, share the story of Hanukkah with us! Check out the video or written story, and the cute drawings (done by our talented illustrator Anna).
  5. Blog Post: Winter Wonderland @ Home
  6. Wooly Winter Pom Poms Craft
  7. Hanukkah Worksheets:
  8. 3D Paper Snowflakes:
  9. Joe Biden Toilet Paper Roll Craft - I know he won't be president until January, but I've added him to the list in President's Day because I know some people are teaching kids about the election process right now (voting, counting votes, judicial process, transition process and inauguration).

    I also added Biden to:
  10. Judge Paper Doll Craft

  11. Halloween Coloring Pages:
  12. Halloween Story Coloring Pages:
  13. Blog Post: #ChefLocal Date Night!
  14. Halloween Stories and Videos:
  15. Halloween Story Worksheets: The Wee Witch: Broom Broom
  16. Halloween Story Worksheets: The Wee Witch and the Potion Problems
  17. Letter X Itsy Bitsy Book


  18. Watch the story of Hanukkah with storyteller Joel
  19. Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp coloring pages
  20. The Seven Voyages of Sinbad coloring pages
  21. Emotion-Bot Coloring Pages (on BrainFrame)
  22. Creative Writing Worksheets - Informational Writing:
  23. Learn about Emotions on BrainFrame: Psychology for Kids
  24. Storyteller Series: Macbeth
  25. Mid Summer Night's Dream - Lovers' Story