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  4. Braided T-Shirt Yarn Coasters
  5. T-Shirt Yarn
  6. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder Craft
  7. Nature Themed Macrame Wall Art
  8. Colour Changing Seahorse Paper Plate Craft
  9. Egg Carton Cricket Craft
  10. DIY Hexagon Wall Shelf  (Popsicle Stick Craft)
  11. Sailboat Word Ladder Puzzles
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  14. Weather Dice (3D Paper Craft)
  15. Cranberry, Orange, & Almond Biscotti
  16. Dinosaurs (on kidzone.ws)
  17. Camping Themed Worksheets:
  18. DL minus TK blog series continues:
  19. Paper Strip Storm Craft
  20. DIY Hacky Sack Craft
  21. Paper Strip Rain Boot Craft
  22. Dinosaur Worksheets: JUNE
  23. Fourth of July Fireworks Craft
  24. Kaitlyn's Blog Post: My Favourite Purple Bear