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Paper Mache Rabbit

Paper Mache Bunny


ipaperandcup.JPG (5942 bytes) inewspaperinhead.JPG (5680 bytes)



Crumple up a ball of newspaper (about 1/4 of a sheet) and put it in the egg carton cup.

Tape the cup shut so the newspaper doesn't fall out.

ibunnyhead.JPG (5604 bytes)FORM THE EARS:

Cut ears out of left over pieces of the egg carton container or anything else you have handy (cardboard, margarine container lids, etc).

Tape the ears to the head.


ibunnynoarms.JPG (6049 bytes)FORM THE BODY:

Take an entire sheet of newspaper and crumple it up so it forms an egg shape with a neck.

Wrap tape around it so it holds it's shape.

Tape the head to the neck.


ibunnyarms.JPG (8980 bytes)FORM THE ARMS:

Take 1/2 a sheet of newspaper and roll it into a sausage.  Tape

Bend the sausage into a U shape.


iaddarms.jpg (9692 bytes)Wrap the sausage around the bunny's neck with the curve of the U at the back of the bunny.  Tape it on.


i3balls.jpg (7145 bytes)FORM THE TAIL AND FEET

Use small pieces of newspaper and make balls.  Tape them to hold their shape.


ibunnyskeleton.JPG (6733 bytes)Tape the feet onto the bottom of the bunny and the tail onto the back.

This step is very important!  Make sure you put the bunny on a flat surface and attach the feet and tail flush with the table.  This will balance the bunny so it stands up.


itissuebunny.JPG (18349 bytes)Coat bunny with 1/2 and 1/2 glue and water solution, mod podge or paper mache paste.

Cover with 2 or 3 layers of toilet tissue or newspaper (tissue gives a bumpier texture than newspaper).


Paper Mache Bunny Paint your bunny.  Use markers and white paint (or liquid paper in a pinch) to add details.

OPTION:  instead of painting your bunny, you can make a decorative version by mod podging (or glue/ water solution) on patterned napkins or tissue paper.  This makes a nice alternate (we did it with reindeer at Christmas time and used them as gifts!)




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