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ladybug game
Odd Olly and Even Elly Game

Two player game

Thanks to Tyra for sending this in!

Set up:

First I printed out two ladybugs (see templates at the bottom of this page), colored them and called one of them "Odd Olly" and the other one "Even Elly".

Then I cut out two green leaf shapes and divided each one into thirds and 12 black spots.   (see template at the bottom of this page)

You also need one dice.

Explain Odd vs Even:

Explain the difference between even numbers and odd numbers as follows.

Beginning with two black dots, place one dot on each wing of the ladybug.  Explain that when one dot can match up with a dot on the other side, it means the dots come out even.

Add another dot to one side and show how they no longer match up.  Now there is an extra dot on one side.  That means the number of dots is odd.

Try this with different numbers of dots until the players are comfortable with which numbers (groups of dots) are even and which are odd.

To play: 

Each player chooses a ladybug, Odd Olly or Even Elly.  They will use that ladybug for the entire game.

Explain that "Odd Olly" only likes to have odd numbers of dots on her back while "Even Elly" only likes to have even numbers of dots.

Starting with the younger player, roll one dice.

The player then places that number of dots on his/her ladybug's back and decides if the number is even or odd.  If the ladybug likes the number of dots on its back then the ladybug gets a piece of leaf.  (so, for example, if the player was using "Even Elly" they would get a leaf piece for a 2, 4 or 6)

The next player rolls the dice and play continues until one of the ladybugs has a whole leaf and wins the game.


Even Elly    color  or   B&W

Odd Olly     color  or   B&W

Elly/Olly leaf pieces and spots    color  or   B&W   (print 2)

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